Five tips for buying a chefs knife roll bag

Professional chefs understand the value of owning a quality knife roll. A strong and versatile chef’s bag helps ensure that the knives owned are always in a safe place and reduces the risk of damage during transportation. If you are searching for the best knife roll designs available today with the aim of making a purchase, check out the following tips and advice.

1. Material: One of the first considerations you will need to explore is the type of material. There are a number of material options, with the most common being leather or plastic (nylon). If you want a knife roll to last many years the leather designs would be more durable. Leather is far stronger and less prone to easy damage than nylon fabric.

2. Size: It is important to find the right chefs bag size. Think about how many knives would need to be transported. There are designs available to accommodate knife sets of all sizes. Make sure you are clear on how many knife holders you require.

3. Carrying Handle: If you need to carry your knives on a regular basis, be sure to choose a design with a comfortable handle or strap. Not all chefs bags come with shoulder straps, though this is a very useful feature, especially if your set is on the heavy side.

4. Build Quality: As with any consumer product available today, quality can vary massively. The adage “you get what you pay for” is definitely true in this regard. Be aware that if you seek out the cheapest possible option, you may not be satisfied by the quality. By spending more money you are likely to get a product that will not start to fall apart after a couple of uses!

5. Price: Have a clear budget in mind when searching. As mentioned above, if you are willing to spend on a quality product you are more likely to be satisfied with your purchase.

If you would like to check out a selection of handmade leather knife rolls exclusively made by the Vancouver design team One Leaf, then follow this link. The One Leaf store has a number of highly desirable chefs bag which are limited editions and designed for professionals.

Leather Chefs Bag