How to Protect Leather Bag From Rain

We often get asked how to protect leather bag from rain. Its perhaps the most common question from our customers. The answer depends on the type of leather used as some is more water resistant than others. We select oil pull up and nubuck varieties that typically are more waterproof than the norm. This makes our designs perfect for individuals residing in wetter climates such as our hometown Vancouver.

Over time it is natural that the oil content decreases. The actual rate depends on the exposure to sun and the weather in general. You can help slow down this process by using a silicon based spray, the same product as what you may already use on leather shoes and boots. Before applying any protective spray to the entire bag, do a test on a small area of the underneath of the strap to check for any resulting changes of color. You can also use a wax based product but this is more likely to impact on the color of the bag, though it would offer a greater amount of protection against the elements as compared to a silicone based spray.

A handmade leather bag should last many years. How long you are able to use it for depends on the level of care taken. Just as you may make an effort to look after your footwear you should do the same with your bag. It doesn’t require much time or money to ensure that yours stays in the best possible condition for as long as possible. Understand how to protect leather bag from rain and yours will last a very long time. You can check out our latest range of leather messenger bags on our online store. All are made to withstand rugged use in all climates, including the rain!