How to choose a Leather Messenger Bag for men – 10 Tips

How to choose a leather messenger bag for men may not always be easy, but learning the best approach is worthwhile. These products offer qualities that are unique, stylish, and very much in demand. What’s more, these practical bags are extremely versatile – they can be used every day as a man’s satchel, a durable leather laptop bag, or a carry case when going on long trips.

When researching how to choose a leather messenger bag for men, be it for yourself or for a friend, there are a number of important criteria you should keep in mind. The following information should ensure that you spend your money on a product that serves you well for many years.


1. Price – To start with you should set yourself a realistic budget. There is always the temptation to spend more than what we can afford, especially when using a credit card. That being said, there are some companies such as One Leaf Creations that do offer a range of leather laptop cases for an affordable price. Expect to pay around $150 for a latest design from


2. Durability – One of the most essential qualities a man’s satchel can have is durability. You should ensure that the product you buy has been made to last. The stitching should be strong enough to withstand modern usage demands and the weight-load.


3. Style – The way the leather man bag looks is also an important point. Consider what style would best suit your own personality and image. Vintage-style designs are currently in vogue. These have a timeless appeal that still goes with today’s fast-paced lifestyles. Color also partly determines the style, would you want a distressed leather laptop bag in brown, or a smooth looking black finish? Features such as the clasps and straps also alter the bags’ appearance.


4. Practicality – When looking at how to choose a leather messenger bag for men, if you are going to spend more than a hundred dollars, you will want to ensure that the product you purchase is a practical choice. Consider what it is you will want to carry and how often. The dimensions should be adequate to hold your laptop if that is the purpose. Before you make a purchase consider if you need a 13”, 14”, 15”, or 17” laptop case. Another related issue is security, there should be padding and adequate clasps or buckles to stop a thief stealing whats inside easily.


5. Pockets/Compartments – The inside is as important as the outside. A leather messenger bag for men should have an ample number of compartments and pockets to accommodate all your belongings. This includes a smartphone pocket, a compartment for wires and cables, and a secure place for your wallet.


6. Online or Offline – Buying online has a lot more advantages than making a purchase at a mall or other retail outlet. For a start, the options online are likely to be a lot more diverse than whats available in your local shopping precinct. Moreover, there is every chance that you will get a better deal online in terms of price.


7. Sustainable Material – The leather industry is often thought of as being heavily polluting, but there are producers out there that now ensure that the processes used have as small an impact on the environment as possible. For example, One Leaf Creations have taken steps to use tree bark tanning and vegetable dyes wherever possible, upcycled leather is also utilized for some product ranges.


8. Handmade – Its always positive to support small businesses whenever possible, by doing so you are helping individuals make a decent living. If you were to buy a leather laptop bag for men from a big chain store, you are encouraging the outsourcing of work to factories in Asia with poor working conditions and profits going to a few rich corporations. Support traditional artisans whenever possible.


9. Originality – Most people today place an emphasis on their own innate individuality. For this reason its good to seek out products that are original and not widely available. You can now choose leather messenger bags for men online that are handmade and limited editions.


10. Personal Opinion – At the end of the day, you are the only person who knows what kind of product to get. Sure, reviews are important, but what one person likes another person may not. When shopping, use your own gut instinct and go with whichever product stands out to you.


These tips should help you understand how to choose a leather messenger bag for men that matches your needs perfectly. When checking out your options, a good place to start is on the website . Their products are made by hand and fulfill all the important criteria!

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