Help Support Victims of Trafficking in Nepal

One Leaf is not just about us making money… every year we also like to use a percentage of our profits to support a good cause. On our last visit overseas we learned about the tragedy of Human Trafficking in Nepal. This is a problem thats many people outside of the country are unaware of, but unfortunately it occurs on a massive scale. Many of the victims are women and children who are tricked in to lives of servitude and prostitution. Every year tens of thousands of young Nepalis are disappeared into the hands of traffickers, many of whom are never seen again. They are taken overseas to India, the Middle East, and also Africa.
Those who do manage to escape from the traffickers and who are somehow able to make their way back to Nepal are then often shunned by society and their own families, thus increasing the trauma that they are already experiencing.

We are working with Sasane, a Nepali NGO, who not only try to prevent the trafficking from taken place through education and awareness programs, they also help victims integrate back into their communities through support groups and skills training.

One such group of women have created a cook-book filled with delicious Nepali recipes. If you have ever tried Momos or Dal Bhat and wish you could also conjure up such dishes in your own home, now is your chance. The Sisterhood or Survivors cookbook is a real inspiration and a work of love.

We are giving all the sales proceeds from purchases of the book directly to our partner NGO in Nepal, were it will be used to help those women who have been able to come back to the country and who are in need of real help and support.

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