Eco-friendly Hemp Bags – Natural and Sustainable

Eco-friendly hemp bags offer a potential for consumers to purchase an item that is made from a natural and sustainable resource. Hemp was traditionally used for hundreds of years in a range of industries. It was only in the latter half of twentieth century that its usage was restricted, primarily as a result of the promotion of man-made fibres and the ban on growing cannabis plants.

Thankfully, today, this versatile fibre is making a big comeback. It has the potential to revolutionize a number of different industries, with the apparel and garment industry being primary.

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You may wonder what the benefits of using hemp are. Check out the following five advantages to learn more.

1. Hemp is easy to grow. Unlike cotton, growing hemp does not require a huge amount of water. In fact it can be grown in a variety of environments very easily. It is adaptable and does not require intensive agricultural methods.

2. Hemp can be grown organically with ease. A problem associated with most crops is the requirement to use an excessive amount of chemicals to aid growth and protect against pests. This amazing plant can be grown without such toxins. Its very strong and is not too prone to disease.

3. In countries such as Nepal, Thailand, and Laos, remote villages can generate an income from the harvesting of wild varieties of the plant. We source our hemp from the valleys of the Himalayas, by doing so we provide income for a large number of economically poor Nepali families.

4. The fibres used in our hemp bags are incredibly strong. In various tests it has been proven that these fibres are extremely durable and can undergo high stress and load without any deterioration in quality.

5. Eco-friendly hemp bags are also versatile. Also clothing, shoes, and a dizzying assortment of products can be made from this wonder crop. With more countries decriminalizing cannabis use, it is predicted that this sustainable fibre will be used on a much greater scale in the coming years.

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