Difference Between Real Leather and Fake Leather

Difference between real leather and fake leather

Real leather and fake leather may to the uninitiated seem hard to tell apart, but there are a number of tips that can help you identify the genuine from the false. If you are planning to buy a leather bag, it can be useful to know whether the item you are considering is the real deal. The following tips should help you make the right purchase.

To start with, you should read the label or product information. A genuine leather bag should carry information that highlights it as being so. The designer or manufacturer should provide information that states it is not man-made. Be wary of any product of which no such details are available.

If you have the opportunity, inspect the seams or edges of the bag. There is an obvious difference that can be observed when comparing real leather and fake leather. The faux products are going to have edges that appear near perfect, whereas a genuine bag will have seems and edges that have a rougher finish.

real leather and fake leather


When shopping online on a site such as www.oneleafcreations.com, take a close up look at pictures of the product. See whether you can identify pores in the material. These should have an inconsistent pattern as is the case in the natural world.

If you’ve already made a purchase and you are still not sure if the bag is the real thing, you can use your sense of smell to come to a conclusion. Real leather and fake leather smell different. The genuine article will have a smell that cannot be imitated by synthetic materials. If you are not sure what the smell is, pay a visit to a local store which you are certain has genuine goods on the shelves and check out the smell.

Another in-person trick is to use touch. Real leather and fake leather feel very different to touch, the former being more flexible and exhibits a change in color when stretched or pulled. If it feels like plastic, there is a good chance that this is exactly what it is.

Water Resistance
Water resistance is also a dynamic that can help you spot a rip-off. Authentic leather bags actually absorb some water when wet, those that are made of plastic have a tendency to pool water on their surface. This absorption does not cause the bags’ contents to become wet, and in fact helps the material remain supple.

On a final note, there is likely to be a difference in price between real leather and fake leather bags. If the product seems extremely cheap, it is probably made of plastic and will not last long. The genuine items, such as those available on www.oneleafcreations.com may come with a slightly higher price, but they are a lot more durable.

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