Buy Leather Leg Holster Thigh Bags for your Next Festival

Love festivals? Want to maximize your fun? Don’t want to be burdened by having to carry a shoulder bag? The answer would be to buy leather leg holster thigh bags for your next festival. This is a must have accessory for 2016, whether you are heading to Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, or any similar event.

So, how to find the right design? Check out the following tips and you should be able to get the perfect piece.

  1. Consider the color РThere are many different colors of leather thigh bags you could get hold of. Think about what would best suit your usual look. Perhaps a full black design, or how about a rugged brown shade of distressed leather.
  2. Price – A well made design can set you back hundreds of dollars. Try and avoid the cheapest budget deals as they are unlikely to last. You can often get hold of a well made piece for around $150.
  3. Style – What style best suits your own. Do you want a tribal piece, a steampunk influenced holster, or a functional thigh bag. A design should be versatile and compliment your festival outfit.
  4. Pockets – Okay, you have your phone, wallet, keys, and assorted goodies. Make sure you choose a leather leg holster with enough space for all, especially if you have a big phone.
  5. Thigh Strap – A thigh strap can help keep it all in place, especially if you are going to spend a lot of time dancing. The thigh strap should also be removable for when you don’t require it.

You can buy leather leg holster thigh bags from our online store today. We have a number of new designs for the 2016 festival circuit! They come in different colors, and are perfect for both men and women.