Five Simple Gifts for Chefs

Five Simple Gifts for Chefs.

It can be debated whether chefs are hard to buy Christmas or birthday presents for! if there is a culinary expert in your life who needs to be spoiled, check out the following five simple gifts for chefs. It just may make the difference between happiness and disappointment.

1. Apron: Every chef needs a good quality apron. There are an almost never ending number of designs available. Consider whether the apron will need to be cleaned regularly, if it needs to be of a style permitted by the eating establishment, and of course the size.
2. Knives: Most professional cooks would already have a full set of quality knives. But for someone just starting out on their career, an 8 or 11 piece set would be a welcome present.
3. Knife Roll: How does someone with an expensive set of knives transport them? The answer should be with a quality knife roll. There are some very stylish leather chef bags available today that are extremely popular items in the industry.
4. Barbecue Set: What does a chef like to do when at home? Many enjoy cooking on the days off too. How about purchasing a modern barbecue, think of it as an investment for the whole family.
5. A Meal: Why not take them out for a meal. Perhaps there is a special restaurant that they have always wanted to go to. Let them choose and then there is less chance of disappointment.

For more gift ideas that work, check out the newest suggestions at

Leather Knife Roll
Leather Chef Bag 



Five tips for buying a chefs knife roll bag

Professional chefs understand the value of owning a quality knife roll. A strong and versatile chef’s bag helps ensure that the knives owned are always in a safe place and reduces the risk of damage during transportation. If you are searching for the best knife roll designs available today with the aim of making a purchase, check out the following tips and advice.

1. Material: One of the first considerations you will need to explore is the type of material. There are a number of material options, with the most common being leather or plastic (nylon). If you want a knife roll to last many years the leather designs would be more durable. Leather is far stronger and less prone to easy damage than nylon fabric.

2. Size: It is important to find the right chefs bag size. Think about how many knives would need to be transported. There are designs available to accommodate knife sets of all sizes. Make sure you are clear on how many knife holders you require.

3. Carrying Handle: If you need to carry your knives on a regular basis, be sure to choose a design with a comfortable handle or strap. Not all chefs bags come with shoulder straps, though this is a very useful feature, especially if your set is on the heavy side.

4. Build Quality: As with any consumer product available today, quality can vary massively. The adage “you get what you pay for” is definitely true in this regard. Be aware that if you seek out the cheapest possible option, you may not be satisfied by the quality. By spending more money you are likely to get a product that will not start to fall apart after a couple of uses!

5. Price: Have a clear budget in mind when searching. As mentioned above, if you are willing to spend on a quality product you are more likely to be satisfied with your purchase.

If you would like to check out a selection of handmade leather knife rolls exclusively made by the Vancouver design team One Leaf, then follow this link. The One Leaf store has a number of highly desirable chefs bag which are limited editions and designed for professionals.

Leather Chefs Bag

Yak Wool Shawl Hunt

Yak Wool Shawl Buying Guide – Five Best Tips

If you’re considering buying a yak wool shawl, be it for yourself or as a gift, it is important that you know the difference between real wool and synthetic varieties. Both these products are popular, and for good reason! Their versatility and coziness has resulted in great demand. Check out the following tips that should help you make the right choice.

1. Price: A 100% yak wool shawl is never going to be cheap. You should expect to pay around $100 to get your hands on one of these attractive accessories. If you see wraps advertised for less than this amount, there is every chance that what you are buying is the synthetic variety, these are available at almost half the price of the genuine woollen yak shawl.

2. Feel: The down of a yak is not a typical wool. It has different properties than that produced by sheep or goat. The real natural fabric is actually surprisingly coarse and yes it is also somewhat itchy, not as much as sheep’s wool, but nevertheless it can cause an allergic reaction in some sensitive people. The synthetic form is called cashmilon, this is a type of acrylic that has been created to mimic the warmth and softness of yak wool, but is devoid of the itchiness.

3. Colour: The typical color of yak wool is a dark shade. It is for this reason that the majority of shawls made from this fibre are brown, grey, or black. Those made of cashmilon come in a variety of colors, almost every combination of shades conceivable. If you want a bright and bold colour you should opt for a synthetic shawl.

4. Availability: A genuine yak wool shawl is not as easy to find as you may think. Those designs that are commonly sold on the streets of Himalayan towns by Tibetan people are usually not the real thing. Genuine yak wool shawls are not available widely, though they are found in Himachal Pradesh and Nepal, but be aware even in these places most stores with “yak wool” signs will actually have the synthetic variety. These cheaper shawls are made in the same regions and do help provide employment to a large number of people, thus playing an important role in the economy in parts of Nepal and India. A purchase of any shawl from this region helps the local economy.

5. Labels: What’s in a label? All consumers should be clear that a label can often be misleading. There is a manufacturer of synthetic yak wool shawls who uses a tag that says “Tibet – 100% Yak Wool”! This is an entirely misleading label, and one that has fooled many people. As consumers we should never take such labels at face value, especially if the product itself seems to be available at a relatively cheap price.

At the end of the day, both the synthetic and authentic shawls have their own pros and cons. Wool still has a better image than synthetic fibre, but consider that cashmilon shawls are available in a greater variety of colours and styles, are non-itchy and washable, and better value for money.

To find out what designs and colours of shawls are available for purchase online today, check out the One Leaf store at Get a 10% discount during checkout with the coupon code “bestdeal”!

BC Festivals 2016

BC Festivals 2016 – What to take to a festival!

Its that time of year when we start thinking about BC festivals 2016. This time around it looks like its going to be a busy summer. There’s great events happening every weekend. No matter what your taste in music you will be spoilt for choice. There’s electronic festivals such as Bass Coast, Motion Notion, and Shambala 2016; folk festivals like Canmore, Vancouver Folk Fest, and Edmonton Folk Fest; and also the long established and ever popular events that always draw a crowd, for example Island Music Fest, Salmon Arm Roots & Blues.

Whichever of BC summer events you plan on going to, to make sure you have the best possible experience you need to take all the right kit. Here is our top eight essential festival items:

  1. Sunscreen/Umbrella – Choose one of these! If its as hot as 2015 then sunscreen is going to be vital, but in BC we never know how it will be, so better have an umbrella on stand by just in case.
  2. Tent or RV – Camping at a BC festival can be a lot of fun. But staying in an RV is defiantly more comfortable. Which is the best option depends on your budget and comfort needs. If you do opt for the tent, make sure you have put up at least once before, its frustrating trying to erect a tent for the first time in the middle of a festival site, in the dark!
  3. Sleeping Bag – At any time of the year it can be cold in BC. Never underestimate the climate, especially if heading to the Rockies. Remember to throw a good sleeping back in with the rest of your gear. If its not warm enough you may be lucky and find a vendor selling shawls such as these One Leaf Designs that’ll keep you warm.
  4. Sunglasses – If you’re going to be spending a weekend outside at a festival, a good pair of sunglasses is required. Actually bring more than one pair as there’s every chance the first pair will get lost or broken, in fact you should expect it to so leave your expensive ones at home!
  5. Money – Not all BC festivals 2016 will have ATMs on site, and even i they do they often run out of money. Always being enough money to last you the full weekend. Remember that there’s usually interesting vendors at festivals who will happily take your money in exchange for some unique clothing and other festival essentials.
  6. Friends – The best festivals are those spent with friends. So do your best to convince as many friends as possible to come along with you. Guaranteed you’ll be talking about the event for a long time afterwards.

To get yourself ready for all of the BC festivals 2016, make sure you have somewhere to safe to keep your money, keys, and phone. Take a moment to check out the waist packs and leg holsters from One Leaf, they have designs to suit everyone and for a great price!

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Eco-friendly Hemp Bags – Natural and Sustainable

Eco-friendly hemp bags offer a potential for consumers to purchase an item that is made from a natural and sustainable resource. Hemp was traditionally used for hundreds of years in a range of industries. It was only in the latter half of twentieth century that its usage was restricted, primarily as a result of the promotion of man-made fibres and the ban on growing cannabis plants.

Thankfully, today, this versatile fibre is making a big comeback. It has the potential to revolutionize a number of different industries, with the apparel and garment industry being primary.

We have just recently launched our own range of versatile and stylish hemp bags and accessories. To compare our latest designs, visit our online store.

You may wonder what the benefits of using hemp are. Check out the following five advantages to learn more.

1. Hemp is easy to grow. Unlike cotton, growing hemp does not require a huge amount of water. In fact it can be grown in a variety of environments very easily. It is adaptable and does not require intensive agricultural methods.

2. Hemp can be grown organically with ease. A problem associated with most crops is the requirement to use an excessive amount of chemicals to aid growth and protect against pests. This amazing plant can be grown without such toxins. Its very strong and is not too prone to disease.

3. In countries such as Nepal, Thailand, and Laos, remote villages can generate an income from the harvesting of wild varieties of the plant. We source our hemp from the valleys of the Himalayas, by doing so we provide income for a large number of economically poor Nepali families.

4. The fibres used in our hemp bags are incredibly strong. In various tests it has been proven that these fibres are extremely durable and can undergo high stress and load without any deterioration in quality.

5. Eco-friendly hemp bags are also versatile. Also clothing, shoes, and a dizzying assortment of products can be made from this wonder crop. With more countries decriminalizing cannabis use, it is predicted that this sustainable fibre will be used on a much greater scale in the coming years.

To find out more about our approach, check out the One Leaf store.

How to choose a laptop bag

How to Choose a Laptop Bag – 10 Tips

Understanding how to choose a laptop bag is important if you often need to carry your computer with you on a regular basis. Just as today there are a huge variety of laptops available, the same is true for the range of bags that are available to purchase online.  The following ten tips should help make the task easier for you.

  1. Size – It goes without saying that finding the right size should be of priority. Make a note of the dimensions of your PC or Macbook before you start checking out what is available.
  2. Material – The materials used help protect your computer from damage. As a general rule, leather exterior with internal padding can withstand most knocks and is usually water resistant.
  3. Style – Think about what style matches your personality or occupation. Retro styling offers a different image than functional designs.
  4. Price – As is often the case, you get what you pay for. Sure, you can get a laptop bag for $50, but this may not last as long as a design that costs $200.
  5. Availability – As a general rule there are more options available online than in most local retail outlets. Also, by shopping online you can take your time to find the most suitable design without feeling rushed or pressured.
  6. Compartments – All computers have an array of peripherals and cables. Consider how many compartments and pockets you would require.
  7. Strap – If you are to carry around a leather computer bag on a regular basis, it needs to be comfortable, especially if it is a large laptop. Make sure the strap has a special shoulder pad to stop it digging in.
  8. Airline Carry-On – Airlines are becoming stricter with carry-on allowances. If you fly on a regular basis, make sure the design you choose can be carried in to the cabin.
  9. Warranty – A reputable manufacturer should offer a comprehensive warranty of at least a 12 month duration.
  10. Handmade or Factory – Think about whether you should give your money to a small design team or a large company who manufacturers overseas.

You may find that if you follow this advice on how to choose a laptop bag your options are narrowed. Why not check out our latest leather computer bags on our online store. You may see a design that suits your needs perfectly.

How to Protect Leather Bag from Rain

How to Protect Leather Bag From Rain

We often get asked how to protect leather bag from rain. Its perhaps the most common question from our customers. The answer depends on the type of leather used as some is more water resistant than others. We select oil pull up and nubuck varieties that typically are more waterproof than the norm. This makes our designs perfect for individuals residing in wetter climates such as our hometown Vancouver.

Over time it is natural that the oil content decreases. The actual rate depends on the exposure to sun and the weather in general. You can help slow down this process by using a silicon based spray, the same product as what you may already use on leather shoes and boots. Before applying any protective spray to the entire bag, do a test on a small area of the underneath of the strap to check for any resulting changes of color. You can also use a wax based product but this is more likely to impact on the color of the bag, though it would offer a greater amount of protection against the elements as compared to a silicone based spray.

A handmade leather bag should last many years. How long you are able to use it for depends on the level of care taken. Just as you may make an effort to look after your footwear you should do the same with your bag. It doesn’t require much time or money to ensure that yours stays in the best possible condition for as long as possible. Understand how to protect leather bag from rain and yours will last a very long time. You can check out our latest range of leather messenger bags on our online store. All are made to withstand rugged use in all climates, including the rain!

Buy leather leg holster thigh bag utility belt

Buy Leather Leg Holster Thigh Bags for your Next Festival

Love festivals? Want to maximize your fun? Don’t want to be burdened by having to carry a shoulder bag? The answer would be to buy leather leg holster thigh bags for your next festival. This is a must have accessory for 2016, whether you are heading to Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, or any similar event.

So, how to find the right design? Check out the following tips and you should be able to get the perfect piece.

  1. Consider the color – There are many different colors of leather thigh bags you could get hold of. Think about what would best suit your usual look. Perhaps a full black design, or how about a rugged brown shade of distressed leather.
  2. Price – A well made design can set you back hundreds of dollars. Try and avoid the cheapest budget deals as they are unlikely to last. You can often get hold of a well made piece for around $150.
  3. Style – What style best suits your own. Do you want a tribal piece, a steampunk influenced holster, or a functional thigh bag. A design should be versatile and compliment your festival outfit.
  4. Pockets – Okay, you have your phone, wallet, keys, and assorted goodies. Make sure you choose a leather leg holster with enough space for all, especially if you have a big phone.
  5. Thigh Strap – A thigh strap can help keep it all in place, especially if you are going to spend a lot of time dancing. The thigh strap should also be removable for when you don’t require it.

You can buy leather leg holster thigh bags from our online store today. We have a number of new designs for the 2016 festival circuit! They come in different colors, and are perfect for both men and women.


Where to buy Leather Bags Vancouver

Leather bags Vancouver is a topic that both men and women in the Lower Mainland often search for. The good news is that today there are many companies in this corner of British Columbia that offer a great selection of options. Whether you are looking for a leather shoulder bag or a leather messenger bag, you will be spoiled for choice.

Shopping local helps support the BC economy. Vancouverites are in the most part proud supporters of small businesses. When it comes to the topic of leather bags Vancouver it is important to know which companies are based here and which outlets are simply distributors for overseas firms.

One Leaf Creations is a North Vancouver based company that has developed a reputation for designing a range of stylish and durable leather bags. Their latest products combine urban styling with a rugged flair. What also makes their offerings stand apart is the distressed leather that is used, this gives each product a unique time-weathered look that is very much in vogue today. Moreover each of their creations is made by hand and available in a limited number. This exclusiveness is a big allure in today’s world of mass produced goods.

Through the website you can discover for yourself the variety of Vancouver leather bags that this company currently offers. With affordable prices and excellent customer service, you are not going to be disappointed.

Leather bags Vancouver does not have to be a confusing subject. Whether you are looking for a special item for yourself, or a gift for a loved one, you can save yourself a lot of time and money by visiting the One Leaf website. Apart from buying online you can also find out where in Vancouver the company has their products for sale. They can be found at various outlets and markets.


Gifts for Men Vancouver

Finding gifts for men Vancouver can at first seem like a challenge, but this does not have to be case. It is often thought that buying presents for boyfriends, husbands, brothers, and dads is difficult. The good news is that there are many products available in Vancouver that are ideal for guys of every age. The following tips should come in useful for you at any time of the year.

1. Avoid the obvious. Sure its easy to get a pair of socks or a t-shirt, but this is not really creative. Think about what the man in your life has an interest in. For example, guys love computers, so why not consider a leather laptop bag. There are some great designs available that will make them feel like they are carrying Indian Jones’ satchel. For example, you can check out some cool handmade rugged bags from the One Leaf website that are a lot more desirable than the average man purse.

2. Most men own an iPad as well as a laptop or PC. If your guy has a new iPad Retina, how about buying him a protective sleeve or case. There are some very cool designs now on the market that would help ensure their tablet does not easily get damaged.

3. When finding gifts for men Vancouver stores offer, try and choose an item that really makes a difference. By spending your money wisely you can help to make the world a better place. Choose a present that is made by a real artisan as opposed to a mass produced item. Handmade goods are typically better quality than those that come from large factories.

4. Another option worth considering would be a wallet. A leather wallet is a very practical choice, it is an accessory that all guys need and carry. Check out what exciting designs are available, there are many cool looking wallets you can choose from. Your best option would be to search an online retailer such as for ideas. One Leaf also sell a collection of masculine cuffs and wristbands that some guys really love.

These gifts for men Vancouver tips can be used at any time of the year. There really is no need to struggle to find the perfect present. With a few clicks of your mouse you can discover a range of options.